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When an animal with paws, starts pawing at your penis/vagina. (sometimes you need to put a piece of yarn or string there so the animal will do it)
The kitty just have me a paw job.
by Kitty Lover December 11, 2007
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1. A handjob where you fiddle around with a man's penis like a dog scratching at the floor.

2. A dog playing with a penis.

3. Also known as a PJ or "Giving Paw"
1. When the couple wanted to try a new sex position, she gave him a paw job.

2. The dog jumped on the nude man and gave him a PJ.

3. My girlfriend gave me paw.
by pens0087 July 15, 2009
when a woman strokes your penis up and down.
She gave me a paw job cuz she was on the rag.
by Meaty Bone June 05, 2005

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