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A break up via text message, IM, MySpace, Facebook, etc. The person is lacking any balls to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend in person.

Can be used in past tense as "Vacant Balls'd"
1. I just got vacant balls'd over MySpace.
2. I think he's gonna vacant balls her today.
by pens0087 July 15, 2009
A mix between a jackass and a retard. Mainly, it means someone who is really stupid and an asshole.
Man: Hey, queer, dig that hole!
Woman: No, stop being a jack-tard!
by pens0087 July 21, 2009
A couple having sex with chocolate pudding and oreos in between them and on the genitals.
I bought lots of pudding and oreos for the Dirty-Sleezy I'm gonna have tonight.
by pens0087 July 15, 2009
1. A handjob where you fiddle around with a man's penis like a dog scratching at the floor.

2. A dog playing with a penis.

3. Also known as a PJ or "Giving Paw"
1. When the couple wanted to try a new sex position, she gave him a paw job.

2. The dog jumped on the nude man and gave him a PJ.

3. My girlfriend gave me paw.
by pens0087 July 15, 2009
Two people having sex with eachother front to front style, but they do not face eachother. So instead of it looking like: =, it looks like 0_--o.
Person 1: My girlfriend gave me a Downtown Johnson.
Person 2: Oh, how was it?
Person 1: Awesome, but I think couldnt see her face when i got sober.
by pens0087 June 22, 2009
Small, pogo-sticks (Springs will do) attatched to the nipples. Used to do lazy push-ups.
My trainer said to do 100 push-ups, but instead I did 100 lazy push-ups with my pogonips.
by pens0087 July 21, 2009
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