A girl that piles the make-up on her face... Usually with a shovel and wheelbarrow.
ie. She really "cakes" it on.
C-Dawg: Wow look at that bird over there in the distance, she has hell good baps!!

J-Dawg: True as! she does too!!

*girl walks closer*

C-Dawg: Ah crap look at her face man, what the hell is that meant to be? She has got a pile of make up on it!!

J-Dawg: Your absolutely right!! Shes a Pavlova and a half!!
by castanza August 30, 2007
Top Definition
n.Meringue dessert. Named after ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. It is crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Can be decorated with anything from kiwifruit to MnMs.

Both New Zealanders and Australians claim the pavlova recipe as their own, but the earliest known pavlova recipe was indeed found in New Zealand.
I baked a pavlova a few weeks ago
by MarianneNZ November 12, 2006
A sex act involving the whisking of a man's ejaculate into a frothy "meringue" and it's consequent consumption with (usually) a strawberry topping.
After I came on her stomach we grabbed a whisk from the kitchen and enjoyed a pavlova for dessert.
by padraigMac April 13, 2007
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