1.) Monster in the basement
2.) Dragon in the dungeon
Grandma Patricia is like the fucking monster in the basement.
by Riot1997 February 02, 2014
The most beautiful girl in Canada.She has boys waiting up and down the block,has beautiful green eyes has a thing for italian,greek,spanish and irish guys.Party animal but never a whore, loves gossip girl and chuck has a thing for damon salvatore,she's what all he girls want to be :) She has the most amazing body and usally has a big group of friends. Patricia is the shit xoxo
Wow look at Patricia dancing !
I wish Patricia was mine !
by Babayiloveyouenrique November 11, 2010
Patricia is a sexy, kinky, dirty girl who loves group sex, anal and gloryholes. She will walk into an Adult Theater and own the place. Having every guy in the place begging for her sexy hot attention. She is a true sex machine....
Patricia has them all begging for more.....
by Bremguy July 02, 2012
One who has been to band camp many times and is friends with a Tiger. Has eagle ears and bat eyes for which one is wonky. Has complete conversations with herself. Drives very badly (please stay off the road while she is driving).
Look, she is acting so Patricia.
by ninja lovin' fool February 03, 2010
A girl who gives blowies for meth or other drugs.
We were low on cash, so we just pulled a Patricia and scored a dime bag.
by *StarGirl* February 23, 2010
has shiny hair, and enjoy's mackin on with her pony with rainbow hair! writes story's about Kung fu panda, sooganaki,wong chong and yum cha!!!!!!! and love's Bonnie's eyebrow!!
"Do the eyebrow" Patricia said
"you have shiny hair", the other person
by rooster1,2,3,4,5, August 27, 2008
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