glue, elmer's glue, elmer's. a slang term for weed because of it's stickiness.
"Yo, this paste is way better than the shit from kindergarden"
by james c-n August 19, 2006
Top Definition
When you have an extremely hot chick grow out her bush for approximately an entire year and as soon as the year is up, she shaves it and you paste the pubes onto your face and leave them there for a couple months.
omg i wish i could paste Kate, she's gorgeous!!!
by abusivedrunk July 08, 2006
1. to hit, to strike

2. to defeat decisively

3. semen
Some punk tried to paste me from behind but I spun around and caught his hand before he could act.
by The Return of Light Joker April 16, 2010
What people brush their teeth with.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
An extremely white person. Their skin looks close to or like glue or a white sheet
Look at that paste. he is so white!
by the myth the man the legend May 03, 2010
a small painted area that covers nipples
Every strip joint i go to the girls are wearing pastes.
by banchi May 07, 2006
Someone or something that is completely unneeded and useless. One cannot fully understand the meaning of paste until doing acid.
Rob dropped 3 hits of acid and he was instantly complete paste.
by Shawn Maglicic December 20, 2005

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