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Worshipper and follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Have you been touched by His Noodly Appendage? Then put on your pirate outfit and join the Pastafarians!
by The Evil Steve August 31, 2005
Portmanteau of pasta and Rastafarian.

Pastafarian (noun) Someone who believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Pastafarian (adjective) Having qualities relating to a Pastafarianistic ideal.
(noun) Joyce is a Pastafarian.
(adjective) Her thoughts and beliefs were considered Pastafarian to most.
by NewSlang07 June 12, 2007
a believer of the flying spaghetti monster or better known as fsm.
have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

yes, i'm a pastafarian
by chindra August 10, 2008
Ideological movement that arose in Italian restaurants in the 1960’s in the Little Italy region of New York City. Believers are known as Pastafarians, or Pastas. Most early believers were either dope-smoking Bob Marley fans with the munchies or of Jamaican descent, Rastafarians and learned to love and eat Italian food. A spleef, Chianti, some reggae music and fresh lasagna are considered to be the top practice of the mindset.
The Pastafari movement encompasses themes such as the spiritual use of cannabis and Chianti.
I partied all day with my Pastafarian friends and then we went into the city for Italian food and we ate everything in sight. Almost a religious experience man.
by martinatty April 05, 2010
Someone who knows Italian recipes.
I haven't had a burger 'n fries since I turned Pastafarian.
by Rimbaud Jangles August 09, 2008
A mixture of an Italian, and a person of the West Indies. See: Jamaican Queens, NY, NY.
"Ok, so i'm walking down the street and I see this lame-ass Pastafarian, so i begin to hit him in his lame-ass nose, and then I chant, repeatedly 'you're a lame-ass who can't get laid.'"
by potietne October 28, 2003
a white boy or girl who sports dreadlocks
There were plenty of pastafarians at the reggae festival.
by billzebub June 23, 2005
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