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4 definitions by NewSlang07

Portmanteau of pasta and Rastafarian.

Pastafarian (noun) Someone who believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Pastafarian (adjective) Having qualities relating to a Pastafarianistic ideal.
(noun) Joyce is a Pastafarian.
(adjective) Her thoughts and beliefs were considered Pastafarian to most.
by NewSlang07 June 12, 2007
What the Internet was made for.
Let's go watch some porn. ;]
by NewSlang07 June 24, 2007
The term dog years refers to a popular conception that household pets—specifically dogs and cats—age seven years for each human year.
For example, a dog of age 9 would be said to be "63 in dog years".
by NewSlang07 June 14, 2007
The radical notion that women are people too.
I support feminism to a degree.. Those extremists are just crazy, though. Ever notice the word history? HIS-STORY? We're not going to change it to satisfy the ravaging lust for equal everything.
by NewSlang07 June 23, 2007