Abbreviation for Passion; When you hate something with a Passion
Oh god, I hate that with a pash!
#passion #hate #funny #slang #dislike
by Sinful Divinity April 27, 2011
The act of passing the joint down the line to a predetermined location where the ashtray is. Apon a proper 'pash' request, the individual will not be skipped. The joint will be passed back to the spot in which the 'pash' was requested.
J-o: Yo Slug, pash this on down Nickos way.

Slug: Yo Nicko ash this man and pash it back.

CJ: Proper
#ash #pass #joint #ashtray #proper
by JslugFromAtmosphere April 10, 2010
A gross man who thinks hes cool, cocky
Ew that guy is so Pash!
#cocky #arrogant #hotshot #smarty pants #know-it-all
by Sjkibira December 28, 2010
A very strong substance that can fix anything as long as you throw it and yell pash in a sexy voice, often kept in a pouch attached to your belt.
Sean: Holy shit I broke my leg!
Alex: Dudes just throw some pash on it.
Sean: Hey it’s all better thanks.
#god #miracle #shamwow #wow #ryan
by Ophiaelis August 27, 2008
Two very unintelligent bitches who talk a lot of shit, especially on urban chat. They usually go both ways and are known to spread their legs for some reefer.
Earl: Dude I heard you got laid last night?

Billy: Yeah twice, from some Pash bitches. I gave them some arreggano and told them it was weed. Their legs spread wide open.

Earl: Damn..typical Pash.
#sluts #stoners #bitches #unintelligent #bisexual
by moomoo55555 March 29, 2009
1) To fancy someone a lot

2) To really like something

3) Short for passion
1) I well pash this boy, he's so fit

2) I full on pash this band

3) I love it with a pash
#passion #fancy #passionate #like #love
by ilikethoseapples March 20, 2009
Goole slang term for passion
"Calm your Pash!"
by Kerry February 05, 2004
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