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Something that's is particularly funky or fantastic, a la funktacular.
You got the beer? Partylicious!
by Shane May 18, 2004

1. To be like the good aspects if a party in the opinion of the utterer.

2. Ambiguous statement meant to explain something inexplicable, or to be used as a term of originality. i.e., If one gets tired of responding "good" to the question of how their day was, they may respond "Partylicious" instead.
Mike: So how was your day?
Yordan: It was partylicious, we went downtown and some drunk guy got in a fight with a hobo, and some guy jumped off a building in scuba gear trying to hit a glass of water on the ground!
Mike: Sounds... Eventful.
by UnunoctiumTastesNice June 11, 2013
1. Whore, slut or tramp. A female who's the life of the party because the whole party is inside of her. One who takes pride in being nasty.

2. Generally unattractive, a party-licious female compensates for her lack of beauty by having sex with any and everybody as a means to feel good about herself.

3. A hoodrat or slutty female of lower intelligence. A dumb tramp.
1. "I'm about to bail in the spot and try to find me a party-licious broad to bone"

2. Look at her, she's ugly as hell. "Yeah but she party-licious though, you could hit it if you wanted to."

3. I saw this party-licious chick in the club last night, tried to talk to her but she was dumb as all hell.
by Gutta Boi Slim November 21, 2011
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