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n. A compressed brick of marijuana, usually ranging in weight from 10 to 40 pounds.*
Eddy just bought a bale from some stingy guy downtown. What, is he becoming a dealer now!?
by callinghome November 01, 2004
To grievously attack, either physically or verbally, a person or group of people to such a degree that they become speechless and wet their knickers.

In reference to Actor Christian Bale.
And his well known Bale-a-thon.
"If you don't stop making eyes at that dudes chick, he's gonna go Bale on your ass."

"Forget shock and awe, we need to Bale Iraq..."
by klimarac February 06, 2009
To Bang And Leave Em .
Or To Bang And Leave
Tom - Hey Man What Ever Happend To That Chick You Were With ?
Frank - Nah Man She Was A Skee So i Had To Bale Her .

Example 2

Thug 1 - Damn That Bitch Is Lookin Good.
Thug 2 - Yea Man I Think Ima Bale Her
by Sikka Then Yo Average August 22, 2009
the most annoying motherfucker in the marine corps and the world. never shuts up. one who loses his virginity to a man in thailand.
shut the fuck up bales.
by john July 16, 2004
To overtake someone or something with blistering pace, having time to check your e-mails and taking a hot-dog before your opponent catches you up. He will instantly discover the Bartra mood.

In reference to the famous run of Gareth Bale in the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona to score the winning goal in the last minutes. He left Marca Bartra out of this planet
Carlo - Why is this Aston Martin broken down in the middle of the highway with the driver weirdly terryfied ?
Gareth - I just Baled 'em.
by sebvandri February 28, 2015
A game for two or more players, originating in Toronto. Historically, fans of Toronto's hockey team, the Maple Leafs, would celebrate a victory by engaging in a round of Bales.

The object of the game is to tap the opponent's scrotum, while avoiding getting tapped in the scrotum yourself.
I'm not a queer or nothin, but I played a good game of Bales yesterday.
by Juh April 29, 2004
A weird guy in a bar named after Christian Bale in American Psycho
Go and talk to that guy

No he seems a bit of a Bale
by Literary man May 12, 2012
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