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smart, cool, and great person.
very god damn sexy too.
although this person can tend to be a bit conceited and arrogant at times, but its only cuz they have something to be conceited about.
that person is so sexy, and cool, almost a parth, but no one can ever be that good, but there pretty damn close.
by frank white December 28, 2004
In Indian mythology, "Parth" is refered to Arjun by Lord Krishna in the great epic Mahabharat.

Parth in Sanskrit means: the son of Pruthvimata, or "Mother-Earth."

According to Vedic scriptures, every human being is a "Parth"

It is often used as a person's name
Parth is very courageous, strong, and nice.
by Joe Knickerbocker November 29, 2006
A person who is good at everything, who's smart, nice, funny, fun to be around, and seems to have it all figured out. He's a person you can talk to about anything and everything, and comforts you when you need it most. He's a loyal friend, is wise, and can make even your worst problems seem trivial when you're around him. He makes you feel important, no matter what the circumstance, and he helps you see the world from a whole other perspective. His friendship is invaluable. He unfortunately, can never be more than that, because someone that wonderful and perfect will always be taken.
There is never a Prince Charming available because they're Parths; someone else always has them.
by 4177 October 10, 2011
Someone who is good at woeing girls with the goodness of their tongue; A pussylicker
Person 1: All the girls are after me man
Person 2:How?
Person 1:Cuz I'm such a god damn good parth
by someone18263963 April 10, 2015
A person who is a skrub.

Who watches anime.
Who never in his life watched porn.

Who doesn't understand sexual jokes.
Who doesn't want to get married, have sex or have kids.
A person who is really good at badminton.
A kind person.
A person that writes super long notes.
A very innocent and pure person.
An Indian with no Indian accent.
Carmen: OMG, his eyes are so far a"parth".
Austin: LOL, he's such a parth.

Austin: So we made history today, and you were a"parth" of it.
Carmen: A+ Pun.
by Autismosis Jones March 30, 2015
A rare species of Dodo, unlike the more widespread dodos, is exceptionally intelligent.
person1: hey, there's a dodo that got into MIT
person2: ohh, wow, a Parth!
by the heeheehees December 09, 2009
a dumb ass, a person with no life, an fob (fresh off the boat), a person who thinks he/she is very athletic or muscular, but in real life he/she is very pathetic and a loser at sports; a boy who has no dick; a male specimen that attempts to suck other male's dicks; another word for donkey; a loser; has no friends; A bastard; someone who has sexual relations with his own mom.
Person A: Look at that gay ass loser that sucks his own dick and thinks he's such a hot shot!
Person B: I know right, he is such a Parth.
by educatedscholar21 October 28, 2014
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