Teenage boys who are in love with Hayley Williams
Scene Kid 1:Dude would you fuck that Parawhore?

Scene Kid 2:Sorry?

Scene Kid 1:Hayley Williams

Scene Kid 2:Yeah! after all we are Parawhores who only like Misery Business!
by MrNoMuscle February 10, 2008
A person who has is deluded into thinking that paramore are better then blink 182. which is obviously, a lie. parawhores are also completley obsessed with paramore and in the case of lads want to get in hayleys (lead singer) pants.
Mike: I Love paramore, especially hayley *swoon*. theyre so much better then blink 182.
Sensible person: omfg you parawhore! theyre not THAT good.
by BlinksBiggestFan September 13, 2009
a person that became a fan of paramore after they aired on MTV (or any other large network). Sometimes they can be seen wearing skanky, showing clothing or just trying to fit in when really they're just a poser to the world,a fake slut paramore fan.
Taylor:"i love paramore, will you play some on your guitar for me while i wear a tube top in the middle of winter?"
John:"i'd love to"
(McKenna and Sarah enter room)
McKenna:"taylor your a slut and dont like paramore"
Taylor:"but i love misery business it was on Mtv and they sponsor Twilight"
(sarah grabs john's guitar and smashes it"
McKenna: "just kill yourself you parawhore"
by screamyourheartout123 April 09, 2009
a fan of the band paramore who would like to believe that they have slept with one of the band memebers. they usually enjoy looking at pictures of joobs and get their moms' to decorate lamps with riot! and pictures of paramore.
did you see that girl? what a parawhore.
by clr August 18, 2007
One of those super annoying freshmen girls that lives their entire life by everything Hayley Williams says or does. Also, the ones who insist they're "scene kids" just because they can wear a bow by their bangs and know all the words to Misery Business.
Haley: "I'm such a parawhore."

Haily: "ZOMG! I'm a parawhore too!"

Halie: "OH EM GEE! ME TOO! Let's be each other!"

normal person: "You guys, Paramore sucks."
by SummerLea December 09, 2007
A stupid nigger-potato who like that shitty faggot band Paramore.
"Look at that parawhore - what a faggot."
by Count Delicioussnacks August 02, 2008
Fans of the American rock band Paramore. Band members are vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York.
I'm such a Parawhore, I've gone to all of Paramore's shows and love all their albums; especially Riot!
by kit10_cx May 03, 2016
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