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Somebody Who Is Totally Addicted To Paramore.
"Laura You ParaWhore"
by ryryrancid August 14, 2009
Someone who is utterly obsessed with the band Paramore and can't go a single day without listening to them, thinking about them. They'll defend them no matter who is hating on them.

They'll know all the lyrics and the may not have all the tshirts, cd's and posters but they are a true parawhore at heart.
If somebody hates on Paramore, or one of the members, The 'Parawhore' will do whatever it takes to prove the person wrong. They'll go to the ends of the universe just to show Paramore will always come out on top!
They're heart beats for Paramore, and only Paramore. They just cannot turn it off! Paramore is the only exception.
Parawhore: did you see Hayleys new hair?
Hater: Hayley who?
Parawhore: Hayley Williams! Duh!
Hater: Who is she?
Parawhore: You did not just say that! Paramore! Duh!
Hater: Ewwww why do you like them?
Parawhore: *Throws all we know is falling, Riot!, The final riot and Brand new eyes at Hater* THATS WHAT YOU GET!
by Lizzix April 14, 2011
Someone is is majorly obsessed with the band Paramore.
Rosie ur such a Parawhore.
by Paramore_addict November 25, 2009
A person who is a huge fan of Paramore.
Girlfriend: Can we go to the Paramore conert?

Boyfriend: But I don't want to.
Girlfriend: PLEASE?
Boyfriend: You're such a parawhore.
by p3n1$_m4$t3r December 27, 2009
A fan who is obsessed with Paramore; "whore" is derived from their RIOT! days, especially Misery Business.
"Once a whore, you're nothing more" = parawhore
by parawhore123456 June 27, 2011
Teenage boys who are in love with Hayley Williams
Scene Kid 1:Dude would you fuck that Parawhore?

Scene Kid 2:Sorry?

Scene Kid 1:Hayley Williams

Scene Kid 2:Yeah! after all we are Parawhores who only like Misery Business!
by MrNoMuscle February 10, 2008
a person who has everything to do about the band Paramore
"Gosh don't be such a parawhore Tina you big fat lard."
by brianna rose February 18, 2009