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The best band ever!
Usually end up with some black eyes and falling from a human pyramid at their gigs..
Holy shit Rou from Enter Shikari just kicked me in the face!
by MrNoMuscle September 23, 2007
the pioneer of chiptune!
Sabrepulse is probably the most famous artist in chiptune and if you ain't heard of him check out his 'Twin Action Chevron Flash' remix
by MrNoMuscle February 14, 2008
If you don't carrie a gun round here expect to get shot by a white guy in a tracksuit from'Fartown'(AKA 'Da Hood)
Gangster:'Yo white boy yo ass gonna get shot up if you ain't from Fartown'

White Boy:'Oh shit better run to fixby!'
by MrNoMuscle August 23, 2007
A sweaty fat fuck who says 'homie' and 'peng-a-leng' a lot!
Shahrose:You is well peng-a-leng!
Slut:Fuck off unless you've got a tenner you kebab munching bastard!
by MrNoMuscle August 23, 2007
Teenage boys who are in love with Hayley Williams
Scene Kid 1:Dude would you fuck that Parawhore?

Scene Kid 2:Sorry?

Scene Kid 1:Hayley Williams

Scene Kid 2:Yeah! after all we are Parawhores who only like Misery Business!
by MrNoMuscle February 10, 2008
The shit bucket of football teams in yorkshire
All Of Yorkshire(Apart From The Leeds United Bummers!):
'We All Hate Leeds!'
by MrNoMuscle August 23, 2007
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