An awesome alternative rock band who are a complete and total waste of time and money. You decide you love this band soo much and buy a ticket. Little did you know that 5 days before the gig, they decide to fly back to America for ''internal'' reasons.

Jack: ''Hey man, how was Paramore the other night?''

Jim: ''Don't ask, the fuckers stitched me up. Stupid god dam internal problems back in America''

Jack: ''Thats harsh man, lets start listening to ABBA. They may be shit but at least they turned up to their gigs''

Jim: ''I got you on that one buddy''
by superhenz February 24, 2008
The most amazing rock band ever, in mine and MANY others opinions, who originate from Nashville, TN and consists from 2010 of Hayley Williams (Main Vocalist and sometimes pianist), Taylor York (lead and rhythm guitar) and Jeremy Davis (Bass guitar.) Jason Bynum, Hunter Lamb, John Hembree and most notably Josh and Zac Farro before their departure in late 2010 are all former members of the band. Paramore are creators of many beautifully penned songs with original lyrics which will stun you out of this world when you hear it. Haters of the band tend to be jealous fucks who listen to artists such as Ke$ha, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who coincidentally are some prime examples of auto-tuned "robots" who continue to make music despite the fact that they can't sing without major editing, whereas bands like Paramore only need very little.
Guy 1 "What is your favorite artist?"
Guy 2 "Paramore, you?"
Guy 1 "Wow, same - I find their music ama-zing!"
Guy 2 "Who wouldn't!"
by Tay Scott July 21, 2011
possibly the best band in the whole entire universe.
paramore is dope.
hayley williams is a hot piece of ass, kk?
by jordandda October 21, 2007
The shit. Paramore is quite possibly the most awesome thing in the universe. Paramore is a pop punk band from Franklin, TN, consisting of -
Singer:Hayley Williams
Lead Guitar:Josh Farro
Rhythm Guitar:Taylor York
Bass:Jeremy Davis
Drums:Zac Farro

Paramore is one of the only bands that can have attractive members and be 'different' without being retarded posers and whining on in stupid lyrics. Josh Farro is the sexiest man ever.

Their songs are All We Know, Pressure, Emergency, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Let This Go, Whoa, Conspiracy, Franklin, My Heart, For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic, That's What You Get, Hallelujah,Misery Business, When It Rains, Let The Flames Begin, Miracle, Crushcrushcrush, We Are Broken, Fences, Born For This, Stop This Song, Rewind, Careful, Ignorance, Playing God, Brick By Boring Brick, Turn It Off, The Only Exception, Feeling Sorry, Looking Up, Where The Lines Overlap, Misguided Ghosts, All I Wanted and some bsides and covers which I really cba typing.
Person a:Do you like Paramore?
Person b:No.

(Person A shoots Person b)

Person a:Dudeee Paramore must be shit I mean, pop punk bands are shiiiiit, they are stupid posers especially if they're hot, they're all, "I'm sad I cut myself waaaah feel sorry for me, I know 3 chords on guitar and my brother's good at sound editing so listen to me if you're a myspace whore who wants to be scene"

(Person a hands Person b Paramore CD silently)

3 hours later

Person b:Omgomgomgomg I LOVE PARAMORE
by r-osiee July 28, 2010
The best band out there. Fuck everyone else who says they suck. Go eat your mom.
Ex. 1:

Did you see Paramore live on MTV?!
Yeah, they fuckin rocked!
by Sydney Curroso February 14, 2009
An amazing band from Franklin, Tennessee.
With band members Hayley Williams (vocals), Zac Farro (drums), Josh Farro (guitar), and Jeremy Davis (bass).
Paramore is one of my favirite bands.
by anonymus person April 24, 2008
A band that isn't that great. Haley Williams has great pipes but the ones playing the instruments need to go back to taking lessons. The songs all sound the same because it's all just noise in the background. Go listen to Dream On and then compare it to Dude Looks Like a Lady and see how good bands have variety.
Me (was once a die-hard fan): Paramore used to be good, but after Riot! their music just turned to noise. If there were no words, there'd be no way to tell the songs apart.
by screaminghallelujah6 May 31, 2011
The only band with that has a girl singing that is actually good and that non gay guys can enjoy
Gordon: Yeah paramore kicks bawls man
Aaron: yeah
by Jimmy II April 26, 2010

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