An awesome alternative rock band who are a complete and total waste of time and money. You decide you love this band soo much and buy a ticket. Little did you know that 5 days before the gig, they decide to fly back to America for ''internal'' reasons.

Jack: ''Hey man, how was Paramore the other night?''

Jim: ''Don't ask, the fuckers stitched me up. Stupid god dam internal problems back in America''

Jack: ''Thats harsh man, lets start listening to ABBA. They may be shit but at least they turned up to their gigs''

Jim: ''I got you on that one buddy''
by superhenz February 24, 2008
Shitty pop-punk-rawk American band who are worshiped by teenage girls who think they are non-conformist, alternative, unique, different, anti-mainstream etc by liking Paramore but really they are just the same because if you go into a 7th Grade classroom, EVERYONE likes Paramore and they all think they're unique for liking Paramore when they're really not. Oh and Paramore make pretty shit music too.
Teen girl: "OMGZ I love Paramore they're so amazing, Hayley Williams is so cool, Josh is so hawt. Mainstream music? Eww thats gaaay I'm not like youu I listen to my own "alternative" music like Paramore!!!"

Person with maturity and/or common sense: *PUNCH*
by BitchFacex April 10, 2010
The best band out there. Fuck everyone else who says they suck. Go eat your mom.
Ex. 1:

Did you see Paramore live on MTV?!
Yeah, they fuckin rocked!
by Sydney Curroso February 14, 2009
possibly the best band in the whole entire universe.
paramore is dope.
hayley williams is a hot piece of ass, kk?
by jordandda October 21, 2007
An amazing band from Franklin, Tennessee.
With band members Hayley Williams (vocals), Zac Farro (drums), Josh Farro (guitar), and Jeremy Davis (bass).
Paramore is one of my favirite bands.
by anonymus person April 24, 2008
A band that isn't that great. Haley Williams has great pipes but the ones playing the instruments need to go back to taking lessons. The songs all sound the same because it's all just noise in the background. Go listen to Dream On and then compare it to Dude Looks Like a Lady and see how good bands have variety.
Me (was once a die-hard fan): Paramore used to be good, but after Riot! their music just turned to noise. If there were no words, there'd be no way to tell the songs apart.
by screaminghallelujah6 May 31, 2011
The only band with that has a girl singing that is actually good and that non gay guys can enjoy
Gordon: Yeah paramore kicks bawls man
Aaron: yeah
by Jimmy II April 26, 2010
Paramore is the meaning to beastly a.k.a. best band your ears ever ate. Its a good thing:) but anyhoo

Wikepedia says there a emo band but so not true singing about some of the most legit topics ever. Best lyrics, best vocals, best music videos, best looking members none to man and women.

Trust me if you start to think your gay becuz your feeling attraction towards Hayley Williams, your not its natural.
Though most people know this band for there song "Decode" aka 12 year olds
the true fans are the ones that know that there first song was Conspiracy which now you do know so now you are a true fan.

Paramore, paramore, paramore!
"omg i just heard 'decode' by tht one band umm.." 12 year old
"Paramore!" fan
"yeah that one, omg new favorite band everr!" 12 year old
(fan giggles and walks away deleting 12 year old from phone book)
by beastness unda cova January 27, 2010

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