Band that is bad, and only gets listened to because of lead singers hair.
Just ask any Paramore fan the reason why they listened to them in the first place. The answer is always, "Hayley is so cool." or "Hayley's hair is awesome!"
by DoIRockorWhat? May 22, 2009
Commercial poser "punk rock" band lead by singer Hayley Williams, a typical scene girl who seems to be unable to write any songs beyond ones that are about break-ups/failed romances/and love. The songs sound like a bad mix of good charlotte and avril lavigne. Essentialy, the perfect band for 12 year-old girls to sing along to on their way to the mall.
Thank you Paramore for ruining the chances for REAL female musicians and vocalists to be taken seriously and respected.

Kathleen Hanna probably cries every time she hears Misery Business
12 year-old girl#1: OMMMGGG!!!! hayley williams RAWKS!

12 year old girl #2: I kno! Lets go to hot topic and buy their shirt then pretend we went to the paramore concert!
by m. a .c. california December 20, 2008
An overrated punk rock wanna be band who's lead singer every tween girl wants to be.
But who likes red hair anyways?
Claire: Have you heard that new Paramore song?

Timmy: Yeah, it sucks. I think Paramore sucks.

Claire: Agreed, lolz.
by Ivana Yamama February 07, 2009
over-rated band is over rated, cliched none the less, no progression or any musical talent whatsoever. A true musician would stab his own eyes out with acid dipped rustic nails then sit through a whole show. I as me myself the one who is posting this very definition, would rather be rapped by a donkey dick in the ear then listen to this pile of sacrilegious failure. There like the sharp pain of diarrhea in unison with a power drill ripping away what was once an anus. If there was an all powerful all knowing loving caring god and if that god frowned there would be this putrid pop idol group in his sight and mind.
Johny: There is not enough paper in the world to properly explain the hatred i feel for this pop-group sensation that is paramore.

Appleseed: cool story bro

by moses44544 October 11, 2008
An awesome alternative rock band who are a complete and total waste of time and money. You decide you love this band soo much and buy a ticket. Little did you know that 5 days before the gig, they decide to fly back to America for ''internal'' reasons.

Jack: ''Hey man, how was Paramore the other night?''

Jim: ''Don't ask, the fuckers stitched me up. Stupid god dam internal problems back in America''

Jack: ''Thats harsh man, lets start listening to ABBA. They may be shit but at least they turned up to their gigs''

Jim: ''I got you on that one buddy''
by superhenz February 24, 2008
Terrible band- sounds live Avril even though they totally aren't.
I feel bad for paramore coz they will always be seen as an "Avril" type band. Poor guys....
by x EMO KIDS USE Xs- hahaha x January 21, 2006
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