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Hot and Handsome Boy (Guy) (Mexico).
He is a papucho. El es papucho.
by Bruno Forestier November 09, 2007
61 15
Ecuadorian individual raised in the small town of Porto Viejo that likes to do something "funny".
Person 1: What's up Papucho?
Papucho: Hablax!
Person 1: I'm bored, what do you want to do?
Papucho: I want to do something funny.
by manolow December 10, 2008
52 26
1. A very good looking, confident, and seductive man or boy. Woman yern for him, and other men want to be him.

2. A nickname popularly used for guys named Ellery.
Damn, check out that sexy papucho over there. I'd ride him like a prize pony.
by JustCallMeCaptain July 01, 2011
31 7