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the word you say when you have nothing else to say or you dont feel like answering a question.
Silver: hey jack the girl of your dreams wants to go out with u. Jack: yern. Silver: hey im telling the truth, if u say that ill steal her from u. yern that, fool. Jack:yern.

Hi how was your day? yern. What's that mean? yern. Umm ok whats your favorite color? yern. Quit saying yern!! yern. UGH!!!! yern.
by idk101796 October 18, 2010
yern, is an individual (male or uncommonly female) could be pertaining to yourself, or anyone in general! but your emphasys is important on the "yern" part of your sentance.
damn yern, you got fired again! Cold thang yern, i got that yellow and you dont! yern put in alot of work today!
by AUGUSTUS GAINES August 28, 2006

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