Can be used as a noun or a verb, depending on context. Often used in video-game situations, such as with Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

1. Someone or something that dies/uses up all lives with amazing speed,

2. someone/thing that dies by falling, either ridiculously often or,

3. when a simple opportunity(s) to save oneself from death is blatantly missed.

4. Making a stupid mistake.

5. When the result of an action is the opposite of the expected or desired effect; can be either negative (usually) or positive (rare).

i.e(negative): Playing video games, person A tries pressing the up button on the controller. The side button is instead pressed, thoroughly screwing the pooch.

i.e.(positive): With a history of failure, everyone expects person B to fail yet again, however, person B actually does well.

6. The occurrence of an accidental, self-inflicted troll.

7. Being really good at being really bad/Succeeding at failing.

*A person/thing characterizing any of these definitions may also be referred to as "Papes."
Used not so much as a derogatory term towards a human being, "Papes" refers to the personification of fail--an outside force which is causing the papes to happen. Therefore, when failure occurs, it is blamed on "Papes."
Character: *falls off cliff*
Player: "PAPES!!! Y U SO PAPES?!"
Papes: LOL, U mad?

Person A: "If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?"
Person B: "Papes."

Person A: *Dies stupidly in video game.*
Person B: "Y u do that?"
Person A: "Because: papes."
by TheMightyPapes May 24, 2011
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Money, cash
Yo' i need to start makin' some papes!
by ben young September 12, 2003
Term for rolling papers.
Oh shit what happend to the papes?
by joe March 08, 2004
Shotgun, esp. made by eponymous gunsmith:

(William Rochester Pape started his business in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1857. He won The Field Trials 1858, 1859, and 1866. In 1859 he organised the first dog show in Great Britain. The prizes were Pape shotguns. In 1875 he won a prize of ten guineas in a competition organised by the Field newspaper.

IN 1866 Pape patented a single bite snap action that had the first description of choke borings. He is widely recognised as the inventor of choke boring shotguns.)

"For a job like this, we should've brought a pair of Papes."

"I'm going to invite him for a little chat. Just him, me and Mr Pape."
by Art Ridge October 12, 2006
The first commentor was correct in stating that 'papes' indeed is slang for 'paper' which is indeed slang for 'money'.
one shot to the side of the face
let me up inside of the place
get me the funds up outta the safe
hit the fire escape, fuck flyin' from jakes
i'm dyin' for papes
by afficialnastyniggas98 March 21, 2008
VERB: When a politically connected person or family uses their influence to get legislation passed that is opposed by an overwhelming majority of local voters - who will have to pay for implementing it.
"Did the Lotsabux family pay for that monument themselves?"

"No, they paped (PAH-paid) - the taxpayers will be footing the bill."
by DisgustedOregonian April 29, 2010
Slang for rolling papers
Shut up and gimme a pape, I'll roll that joint
by pied777 January 14, 2010
Literal definition: To force a person or animal to relieve their bowels in front of you.
Day-to-Day definition: To place someone in an awkward, uncomfortable, vulnerable, and often, disgusting situation.
Dude, my boyfriend totally paped me today... he walked in on me pooping, and made me finish in front of him. Talk about a pape-in'!

Ohman, today totally paped me!
by karlanna August 10, 2010

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