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putting a bag over an ugly girls head in order to not see her face during sex
Paper bagging that hoe would be a good idea before banging her.
by jman82589 November 10, 2007
(v.)The act of putting a paper bag over a girl's head during intercourse, in an attempt to preserve the attraction. Often used in the case of a girl with a nice figure but a hideous face.
So, man what do you think about Erin?

Well, she's got a tight ass and some nice titties, but I've seen better faces at Halloween! I'd definitely paperbag that though.
by Philly Pendejo July 27, 2005
The act of covering ones face with a paper bag before fornicating. It should preferably have a hole for the person to breathe if you don not want to suffocate the person.
Person #1 : damn dude, this chick has a fine body! ...Pity her face is so screwed up...
Person #2 : I say, fuck the face and rock the base!
Person #1 : your right, person #2... I wouldn't mind PAPER-BAGGING that thing!
by Yaya Bhaiya August 12, 2011
breathing in and out of a paper bag and kidding yourself your getting oxygen
"i keep having to put money into my company's account to pay myself! man, am i paper bagging it"
by gunsu69 July 09, 2009
1) the act of working in a grocery store and being the "bag boy/girl"
2) having to place a paper bag over a girl/guy's head b/c they are not "idealistic" w/ facial features
1) i got a job for paperbagging at Ralph's
2) shes got a body but i would have to paperbag that
by dre dre August 09, 2004
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