My Mother, shes a FULL on pazi, person who uses lame excuses to make you cut your hair, the same way its been for 7 years,
ive woked for 40 years, i can cut my hair! (mum)

"omg mum, your a Panzi!"
by Panzi Sufferer September 14, 2006
Top Definition
The wimpiest of wimps. Usually someone who will back out of a challenge with a lame excuse.
"I knew he'd say 'no'; he's such a panzi."
by Sarah Maree December 28, 2005
refer to Hazim a big fat ugly piece of fuck and he is so gay. He is a fucker or a mother fucker
hazim is a panzi a big fat pece of fuck and he is so gay adn dumb everyone watns to kick the fuckers ass.
by safwaan islam October 28, 2004
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