(also: pantywaist; from Old English for Pantie-Waiste).
1. Panties up to or above the waist. i.e. old person panties.
2. Cumulative waste found in panties.
3. A waste of panties, as in expired panties.
4. The recipient of a wedgie, usually by surprise.
5. Trashed panties, specifically panties in the garbage.
-Oi there, you pug-pounding pantywaste!
-She is such a pantywaist, I simply do not approve.
-Will you have a gander at all of that pantie-waiste, such frivolity, I cannot imagine where you get off.
-I could not enter the forest for the pantywaste abound - some nearly up to my knees! I was forced to turn back.
by Malodomini December 06, 2010
Top Definition
1) The dried crusty mucus secretion left in girls and women's undergarments, usually resulting from excessive stimulation of the vaginal area. Also known as "clitty litter".
2) A sissified boy who is afraid of getting hurt and will run away from confrontation.
see also - pussy, wussy, chicken shit
You should'a seen all the panty waste Mary left in her panties after I finger banged her.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
A weak male born with a great deal of female traits but with just enough male traits to get him into the boys locker room.
My friend Brian prances around the locker room like a freakin 'Panty Waste', he must be a ‘Dabbler’.

by cRAZY kooT August 28, 2002
The colored stains and biological debri that accumulate in a girls panties over a period of time. Used as a term to describe someone worthless and undesireable.
Jesse Jackson is a total pantywaste.
by MW November 25, 2003
someone who is an absolute waste of flesh, a useless bastard.
John Ashcroft is a total pantywaste.
by mindmelt September 21, 2003
1.) excrement that is found in used panties.

2.) A useless, spineless person.
1.) Ewww I had to wash my panties because I had so much panty waste from my period.

2.) Don is such a panty waste.
by pantiesarecool March 09, 2005
Panty *waist*, idiot. It meansy pansy, sissy, wuss, etc. Implies you wear women's underwear.
You're a wimp, you freakin' panty-waist
by Hiltz November 01, 2004
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