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A one on one game of football (soccer) where opponets attempt to put the ball between the other persons leggs and recover it on the other side.
Other wise known as Nut megging.
How you get Post Dramatic Stress Disorder.
by 4 litres of fun July 05, 2005
(ADJ) everlasting, will last forever
Serenity: Omg they are so cute together!

Ellie: Yeah! They have a panna love!
by Vinnie the Vampire March 11, 2014
The most luxurious handcrafted soap on the market. You'll never want another after you've had Panna.
I am awash with Panna.
by The Great Soap Maker June 29, 2010
Czech in origin, this word means "virgin" and derives from the term 'stará panna', which literally means "old maid".
So basically, when you tell someone that they're a panna, you're telling them they're too old to be a virgin still.
Often used as an insult between a group of friends--usually male--to make the virgins of the group to feel embarrased. The proper, and non-partiers of the the group are generally the ones targetted for this slur.

So basically, the if you call someone a panna, you're a total douche-bag.

ALSO: If telling a single someone that they're a 'panna', you'd call them a 'panee'...which is the third-person singular indicative present tense noun of 'panna'.

OTHER FORMS: panee, pannas, panner, pannly
Heracles: "Dude, I scored so hard last night! That party was bangin'!"
Ludwig: "You're revolting."
Heracles: "Don't be like that man! You're just jealous I got 3 hott babes to sleep with me last night!"
Ludwig: "N-no, I'm not! And anyways, I could get a girl if I wanted to!"
Heracles: "Hey man, don't take your sexual frustration out on me just 'cause your a panna."
Feliciano: "What's a panna?"
Heracles: *facepalm* "We've got one too many pannas in our group..."
by notafeminazi March 21, 2010
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