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A universal term used to express any emotion from anger to joy.
Can also be used as a derogatory term to someone who spends their lunch hour sulking in the library, reading manga or doing other solitary activities.
Lolgurl: LIKE, OMG! Colbie Calliat is coming to town NEXT WEEKEND! I'm so sploodle, I could cry!

Loldude: Oh-em-gee. Like I give a sploodle about her and her happy music! GIVE ME MORE MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE!

Wannabejock: Hey, do you see that girl over there sitting by herself by those comics? She's such a sploodle, she doesn't have any friends!
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by notafeminazi January 09, 2010
Czech in origin, this word means "virgin" and derives from the term 'stará panna', which literally means "old maid".
So basically, when you tell someone that they're a panna, you're telling them they're too old to be a virgin still.
Often used as an insult between a group of friends--usually male--to make the virgins of the group to feel embarrased. The proper, and non-partiers of the the group are generally the ones targetted for this slur.

So basically, the if you call someone a panna, you're a total douche-bag.

ALSO: If telling a single someone that they're a 'panna', you'd call them a 'panee'...which is the third-person singular indicative present tense noun of 'panna'.

OTHER FORMS: panee, pannas, panner, pannly
Heracles: "Dude, I scored so hard last night! That party was bangin'!"
Ludwig: "You're revolting."
Heracles: "Don't be like that man! You're just jealous I got 3 hott babes to sleep with me last night!"
Ludwig: "N-no, I'm not! And anyways, I could get a girl if I wanted to!"
Heracles: "Hey man, don't take your sexual frustration out on me just 'cause your a panna."
Feliciano: "What's a panna?"
Heracles: *facepalm* "We've got one too many pannas in our group..."
#czech #pana #pannna #panaa #panah #virginity #insult #slur #meanie bo beanie #panama #virgin
by notafeminazi March 21, 2010
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