A band popular with 8th, 9th and 10th graders. They are rather new and said to be "emo". If you start listening to authentic doom metal by the time you are about 12 or so, this band is a travesty to you.
My peers : OMG THE Panic at the Disco concert is in november Im so psyched!!!!!!!!111rofl!!!

Me: Now why am I the only 9th grader who doesn't understand what is so great about this band?

by Perry C. October 19, 2006
An demonic 4-headed demon spawned by Pete Wentz created to pollute sound waves with there music, causing people's ears to bleed with "I write sins not tragedies" and there disguisting and insulting cover of the Smashing Pumpkin's "Tonight, Tonight"

Beware of this Panic at the disco, it is known to make you loose all interest in what music actually is and base everything on how cute the band members are. Along with Fergie, Mims, and The Ying Yang twins, it is said to bring forth a terrible time known as the music apocolypse, where all good music ceased to excist. The only known way to destroy it's evil power is to have their guitarist, Ryan Ross, replace Herman Li at a DragonForce concert and expecting Ryan to play as good as him. He will then slowly deteriorate and loose his mind, having to play actual notes, not just random power chords and reily on looking cute
Poor little Penelope was only 10 when she was hypnotized by the demonic sound waves of the Panic At the disco. Soon, she started yelling cries of "OMG RYAN ROSS IS SOOO HOT!!!"
by BulletWithButterflyWings June 21, 2007
The worst band to ever "make it". Popualar in the middle schools, this band was made famous by one song. i write sins not tradgies and nobody really knows anything else they do. They are just a fad.
Stop acting like Panic at the disco.
by Kilmister November 12, 2006
sick emo band that uses keyboard and is most definitely not a disco band despite the name
Panic! At The Disco is amazing even though MTV has killed it
by P Dizz January 19, 2006
A shit song written in 'fag' language.

"Oh, well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor,
and I can't help but to hear, no I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words:
"What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding!" says a bridesmaid to a waiter.
"And yes, but what a shame, what a shame, the poor groom's bride is a whore."

Look, you are not bad ass if you fit huge words in a verse. You are not fucking awesome if you write songs about a fucking wedding, you make yourself sound fucking gay. Lastly, you will never, ever be heavy.

Sad but true. Long live metal.
Panic at the Disco is not metal.
by Ch0023r June 21, 2007
panic at the disco are the biggest bunch of faggots ever. seriously these guys suck so much. everytime i see them on tv or hear one of their songs if makes me fucken sick. go slit ur wrists u emo khunts
all ppl who like panic at the disco have horrible taste in music
by stromlo November 02, 2006
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