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1. deeply afflicted or distressed in body or mind

2. extremely bad or distressing

3. being or appearing mean/miserable

4. very poor in quality or ability
It was a wretched car accident for there was no survivers.
by MoonCricket March 26, 2005
87 37
Very good.
Did you see that bruv?

Oh, what, her - yeah she's wretched mate
by Aconstnull October 26, 2011
58 51
The actual word idiots are looking for when they use the word ratchet.

Wretched means a very unhappy or unfortunate state. of poor quality; very bad. used to express anger or annoyance.
That girl over there, who will never make it out of high school, is wretched!
by Ima Dweeb June 29, 2014
3 0
Adjective defining a noun as being Greater than that of the slang term "Cool"; A modern pun on the slang term "Gnarly"
The way he landed that trick was so Wretched
by ImBringingWretchedBack_Yea November 24, 2010
41 44
adj. can be both bad or good, depending on the context
bad: Boys are really wretched.

good: The C-RADS are wretched beings.
by C-RADS February 18, 2004
19 58