well whatever you are doing, drop it and go listen to p!atd. then go buy the album 'a fever you can't sweat out'
half of it has neato instruments like acordians and shit like that. the other half has sweet synthsizers that are kind of disco-ish. they all knew each other growing up in Las Vegas. i hear they are nice guys and i'm going to a show soon. Pete Wentz, bassist from Fall Out Boy, pretty much discovered them. Yah, so i guess the two bands are good friends. They have 3 videos. You can see them all on the internet but only one on mtv so far. I love the lyrics. this is so confusing, but its a great band.
bredon urie = great vocals, guitar, and hotness
spencer smith = drums, sweet guy, cuteness
ryan ross = guitar, write the lyrics, cute guy
brent wilson = bass, way hot & nice hair
Panic! at the disco must be my favorite band!!!

WARNING: teeny boppers will burn, if they say anything about having their babies or type like this "LyK 0mGGZZ Br3nd0n !z s00 hO+++!!!111oneone"
just wanted to bring that to your attention.
by i'm the new cancer April 22, 2006
Top Definition
Probably a fire. Because if I were at the disco and there were a fire I would most likely panic(!), though they say not to. Panicking at the disco usually leads to people getting trampled, so be careful.
Sally (breathless): Panic! at the Disco.
John (Aghast): Yeah, I saw you trample that old lady on the news.
by Jeans May 12, 2006
An amazing Vegas band combining all the pop punkness with electronica.
If Fall Out Boy and The Postal Service had a child, panic! at the disco, it would be really badgey
by Godly One June 27, 2005
An awesome elctronic-rock band that can really perform live from Las Vegas.
Kid 1: Panic! At the Disco is cool!
Kid 2: I know. Brendon really knows how to dance.
by The Delgeet Monkey September 11, 2005
An indie-rock group from the US that debuted in 2005 with their album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. They often use rather long song titles (Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes; The Only difference betwwen martyrdom and suicide is press coverage; etc).
Panic at the disco is well-known across the globe.
by QWERTY101 January 13, 2007
An awesome 'scene' band that blends together (creatively, I might add) rock, techno, disco, and pop to make up catchy songs about life. Their random lyrics seem to pull together in every song. They use very big words in their dance-worthy songs.
Anna:"Dude, I can't wait to hang at the Panic! at the disco concert"
Stephanie:"I know, it's gonna be awesome!"
by Anna Elizabeth January 16, 2006
One of the best bands ever to exist. They have their own sound and style.
Person 1: Did you get to go to the Panic! At the Disco concert last night?
Person 2: Yeah. And I hear Pete Wentz was there...
Person 1: Lucky...
by Your Mom (ooooohhh) December 22, 2005
An amazing band from Las Veags who dabble in jazz and techno fused with their own brand of rock. Formed in 2004.
After Panic! At The Disco get on MTV, every teenie will want to have Ryan Ross' babies.
by See you! At the disco January 01, 2006
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