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a band that was once praised by their home base fans for having such original music and rockin out their own way. however, their home base fans seemed to have been replaced with richy riches that can afford to buy 13 tickets to the panic! at the disco show and sing along to i write sins not tragedies and stand there the rest of the concert.
New Fan of P!ATD: Like, oh em gee! that one guy in panic! at the disco is sooo hot!!! isn't is name pete wentz? i cant wait to meet him at the concert. im going to look so scene!
Home Base P!ATD fan: uh.. you mean ryan? the guitarist..of panic at the disco? pete is the bassist of fall out boy. they look nothing alike. ..
New Fan: oh yeah him... oh... YAY!
by onomatepoea June 11, 2006

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