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A pop-rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada that infuses a rather wide array of other elements into their songs.

They currently have one album out, entitled "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" which is split down the middle(this split marked by track 8, "Intermission") with the first containing very electronica-influenced futuristic sounding songs, and the second containing songs that sound older by means of use of vaudeville piano and accordion

The current line-up of Panic(as they are often abbreviated to) consists of:

Brendon Urie-Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Accordian, and organ
Ryan Ross-Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Accordian, Organ
Brent Wilson-Bass
Spencer Smith-Drums and Percussion

The lyrics are written by guitarist Ryan Ross and are often more reminiscent of prose than traditional lyics or poetry, and contain many allusions to various facets of pop culture, in particular the writings of Portland satirical author Chuck Palahniuk. These allusions include:

-The second track of their album is called "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" which is a line taken from Palahniuk's novel "Survivor"

-The sixth track on the album, entitled "Time To Dance", is said to be one big reference to Palahniuk's "Invisible Monsters"

-The song "London Beckoned Songs about Money Written By Machines" contains lyrics that start with "Just For the record, the weather today is...", this is verbiage very often used by the narrator of Palahniuk's novel "Diary"

Currently(2006-07) they've developed a large following, due in large part to the success of their single "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". This following is primarily composed of adolescents in the age brackets of 14-17, often the type of people which have widely been given the somewhat-derogatory nickname of "scene" or "emo". And as with most bands associated with, through their own doing or not, "Emo" or "Scene", the band experiences very much criticism and hatred, even if for the fact that these self-proclaimed critics really dislike them for the mere sake of rebellion.
"Panic! At the Disco's next single will be the seventh song off of their album, "Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"
by Damien Richards July 11, 2006
a piece of crap band that makes people kill themselves.
bill: i love this song!
jim: who is it?
bill: panic! at the disco.
jim: @#$% where's the knife?
by myy love. February 07, 2008
A pop/rock band popular amongst kids 12-15 (Whom In 5 years time will be ashamed to even have liked them), following the trend of new age high school punk rock where the vocalist sings by execrating the words in a retarded manner. They have no lyrical talent and need to listen to some Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Guns N Roses before they go any further.
Dude 1- Panic! at the disco wtf??? that's new music??? all these bands are just rip offs of judas priest.

Emo Kid- panic rock!!!!!!!!!!!!,wait whats judas priest????
by Hard Rocker January 18, 2007
The coolest punk/emo/rock band ever. Plus has really good beats with a little pop edge.
1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
2. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes Off
3. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage
4. Time to Dance
5. Build God, Then We'll Talk
6. Nails For Breakfast; Tacks For Snacks
7. I Constantly Thank God for Esteban
Lanie: Did you hear Panic! at the Disco is coming to concert here!!

Karie: No Way!! I love them.

Lanie: I thought you said you didnt like pop music.

Karie: I dont. Panic! at the Disco is everything!
by Mackenzie C. May 07, 2006
As they used to be - One of the most original, best bends to be heard of.
Now - A highly overrated, apparantly ''emo'' (in hich they are not) band who are played over and over on the Australian radios till some original fans get so pissed off they smash the fooking radio. Kapeesh?
Tash - Fuck me you loser, you've only liked them since they've been on the charts and they are well overrated and played go listen to some snoop doggy dog instead yeah?
by FrozenOrange January 24, 2007
Fall Out Boy's alter-ego. Only less talented. They have no musical knowledge whatsoever, so they sing about kinky sex and such.
Person 1: Dude, did you see Panic! At the Disco live?
Person 2: Are you for cereal? No, I was busy listening to real music. Like Sinai Beach. Or The Locust.
by xEXx September 21, 2007
One of the shittest bands to walk the earth. EVER! Many say they are emo, these people are known more comonly as retards. listen the utterly shite lyrics of panic! is there anything remotely emo there?? No you douchebags. They are not emo, they a pop band for 7 year old girls.
Much like:
Backstreet Boys
Fall Out Boy
"I hate Panic! At The Disco, They are emo."

"No, you complete fuck-bag, they are pop, however i will forgive you because they suck. Some emo music can be good like silverstein or atreyu."

Please stay metal everyone. Say No to chavs!
by 666Ninja June 05, 2007
The mystery of what Brandon Urie is panicking at discos about is somewhat of a mystery, some possible answers are:
1 There is some sort of fire (be it a grease fire or otherwise) is running rampantly through the alleged disco,
2 Brandon has a severe case of monophobia, and since no one has listened to disco music since a certain Steve Dahl's Disco Demolition at the White Sox stadium
3 Urie had a very high fever once at a disco, he was sweating tremendously and it wouldn't break, thus panic ensued.
4 He heard his own music in a disco
Do I really need to include an example? Oh, crap it has to include the term Panic! At The Disco
by Fwiend December 07, 2006