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A band hailing from Las Vegas, that sounds like a dancey-poppier version of Fall Out Boy, only 10 x more repetative. Discovered by Pete Wentz OF Fall Out Boy.

After the hatred between Pete Wentz and Brandon Flowers (the Killers), Panic! released the song "London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines" with the lyrics:

<i>"Stop stalling, make a name for yourself.
Boy you better put your pen to paper, charm your way out.
If you talk you better walk you better back your shit up,
with more than good hooks while you're all under the gun.
Start talking "a sensationalist",
Only slightly clever to just a certain extent.
If you talk, you better walk, you better keep your mouth shut
With more than good hooks while you're all under the gun."</i>

Taking a stab at Brandon for being unoriginal, after the release of the Killers' song "Under The Gun", which was released only in the United Kingdom.

Which is incredibly ironic, because had it not been for Pete Wentz, the Panic! would be nowhere. And considering the fact that they're basically a creation from Pete's own pen, the pure hypocrisy of this statement is nauseating.
All of the old Panic! At The Disco fans believe that they're better than the new ones for discovering them "first".

All of the new Panic! fans are dillusional, and believe they've been fans from the beginning.

Everyone forces themselves to like them because of the catchy name and because of the fact that they most likely adore Fall Out Boy.
by x__Aaralyn April 19, 2006
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