A pop-rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada that infuses a rather wide array of other elements into their songs.

They currently have one album out, entitled "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" which is split down the middle(this split marked by track 8, "Intermission") with the first containing very electronica-influenced futuristic sounding songs, and the second containing songs that sound older by means of use of vaudeville piano and accordion

The current line-up of Panic(as they are often abbreviated to) consists of:

Brendon Urie-Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Accordian, and organ
Ryan Ross-Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Accordian, Organ
Brent Wilson-Bass
Spencer Smith-Drums and Percussion

The lyrics are written by guitarist Ryan Ross and are often more reminiscent of prose than traditional lyics or poetry, and contain many allusions to various facets of pop culture, in particular the writings of Portland satirical author Chuck Palahniuk. These allusions include:

-The second track of their album is called "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" which is a line taken from Palahniuk's novel "Survivor"

-The sixth track on the album, entitled "Time To Dance", is said to be one big reference to Palahniuk's "Invisible Monsters"

-The song "London Beckoned Songs about Money Written By Machines" contains lyrics that start with "Just For the record, the weather today is...", this is verbiage very often used by the narrator of Palahniuk's novel "Diary"

Currently(2006-07) they've developed a large following, due in large part to the success of their single "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". This following is primarily composed of adolescents in the age brackets of 14-17, often the type of people which have widely been given the somewhat-derogatory nickname of "scene" or "emo". And as with most bands associated with, through their own doing or not, "Emo" or "Scene", the band experiences very much criticism and hatred, even if for the fact that these self-proclaimed critics really dislike them for the mere sake of rebellion.
"Panic! At the Disco's next single will be the seventh song off of their album, "Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"
by Damien Richards July 11, 2006
A band that tries way too hard to be emo (even more than From First to Last), and just turn out looking and sounding retarded in every way imaginable, with their corny-as-hell lyrics and very strange image.

Most of their fans are teenage girls who listen to Fall Out Boy just because they think Pete Wentz is hot, or suddenly got into Panic as well because the idea of teenage guys playing in a band (even though they're POP - just as much pop as Hillary Duff as a matter of fact) is irresistible.

Even so, some of their songs ARE quite catchy and can sound good, But.. if you really want to save yourself some embarrassment (and maybe even some of your brain..), then lay off this band.
Typical Panic! At the Disco fan: I LOVE PANIC AT THE DISCO!! BRENDON URIE IS SOOO HAWT!!1!

Person: Ok.. and is that the only reason you like the band?

Typical P!atD fan: NOO! They're soo EMO!! That's why I'm SOOOO EMO right now and wear black and cut myself every day!!!!

Person: Yea... I'm sure the band members do that too.. they just try way too hard to be emo ya know?

Typical P!atD fan: OH YES! They're definitely emo!! I'm such a punk rocker!1!

Person: .. Nevermind. *walks away*
by SomeBadJoke December 12, 2006
One of the worst bands to walk the face of the earth.

-Extremly over-rated
-media whores
-some of the ugliest fuckers around
-two of the band members look like girls
-that pete dude or whatever the fuck his name is can't sing.
-singer sounds almost exactly like that gay guy from fall out boy.
-no lyrical or musical talent what so ever.
I saw Panic! at the disco making out with eachother in their make up room.
by skaterof91 August 05, 2006
a mainstream band who currentally released their debut album called "A fever you can't sweat out"
1.Hey man did you hear panic on the radio
2.whats panic?
1. Panic! at the disco, that cool mainstream band
by Travis Meas April 13, 2006
A gay ass band who most fans only know because of the song 'I Write Sins Not Tradgedies'. Most girls think they're hot but the truth is they wear more makeup than your mother.
Katie:OMG PATD iz comin 2 our citi! =D
Sally:ya i kno mi mom sed i can go!
Katie:yay we can go 2getha lolz XD
Sally:hey alex u lik Panic! at the Disco????
Alex:Hell no. They wear more make up than your mother does.
by MegaPickle March 14, 2009
As they used to be - One of the most original, best bends to be heard of.
Now - A highly overrated, apparantly ''emo'' (in hich they are not) band who are played over and over on the Australian radios till some original fans get so pissed off they smash the fooking radio. Kapeesh?
Tash - Fuck me you loser, you've only liked them since they've been on the charts and they are well overrated and played go listen to some snoop doggy dog instead yeah?
by FrozenOrange January 24, 2007
Ah,Panic! At The Disco...the current favourates of MTV,teenage girls and less scene indie kids.
Listening to them is like being poked by a stick: it's not going to kill you,but it's fucking annoying after a while.
There is a lot of reasons to hate them (or throw a bottle at them),one being that all the members are ugly,that they are all cunts and,oh yeah, all giving blowjobs to Pete Wentz. The only people I know that like Panic! seem to be more interested in how "hot" they all are rather than the quality of the music,and they'll probably be into Cute Is What We Aim For next week.
If you think Panic! At The Disco are great,answer me this:
~Why are all their fans female?
~Why,if they are so awesome,do they get played on MTV? We all know MTV plays music that is mediocre at best.
~You like Panic! At The Disco...are you a fag/dyke?
P!ATDfan:"OMGosh,Panic! At The Disco are soo,like,emo!"
P!ATDfan:"They;re sooo,like,haWT!!!"
P!ATD:"I'm so, like, trendy! Oh I'm so COOL...uh,I mean emo"
Me:*kills P!ATD fan by slicing off head with Bouncing Souls CD*
by bandanasarerad October 18, 2006
The coolest punk/emo/rock band ever. Plus has really good beats with a little pop edge.
1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
2. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes Off
3. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage
4. Time to Dance
5. Build God, Then We'll Talk
6. Nails For Breakfast; Tacks For Snacks
7. I Constantly Thank God for Esteban
Lanie: Did you hear Panic! at the Disco is coming to concert here!!

Karie: No Way!! I love them.

Lanie: I thought you said you didnt like pop music.

Karie: I dont. Panic! at the Disco is everything!
by Mackenzie C. May 07, 2006

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