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Completely over-rated. They were old almost a year ago. But all the scenesters don't really care. It went from the real fans to the Abercrombie & Fitch crowd. And somewhere inbetween, lost it's value.
Scene girl: "I LOVE Panic!"
Me: "Name two songs that haven't been released as singles."
Scene girl: "Uhhh..."
Me: "Thought so."

People from TV: "This new band, Panic! At The Disco... blah blah blah."
Me: "They aren't new to us real fans. Of course, though, they're new to you kids who never listen to anything BUT the singles."

*Quote from Myspace*
Scene kid: "Sarah! At The Disco"
Me: Don't be so fucking stupid.
by MandieK September 03, 2006

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