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According to Greek legend, the first woman, Pandora, was actually sent as a curse to Zues' men (See, you knew it was true, guys) and was given a present upon her marriage. The present was a box that she was told never to open. Needless to say her curiosity got the better of her (like eating forbidden fruit) and she unleashed eight demons unto the world. The first seven being the seven deadly sins, and the last, which she managed to capture, was hope.

Today, much like christianity's idea of biting forbidden fruit, opening pandora's box refers to getting into a situation over which one has very little control over.
The assassinating on Austrian Archduke ferdinand in 1914 opened pandora's box for Europe.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
A particular box in which someone might own for stashing sectrative objects in. Preferably lockable boxes. Such as: paraphernalia/own top secret stuff/possiblly illegal things/ ect.
This is sure going in my pandora's box..
by watchingslenderman September 12, 2012
A vagina that contains every known S.T.D or S.T.I
Guy : " Hey, who is that ?"
Other Guy : " That stank ho? You don't wanna mess with her; personally, I wouldn't touch her with a nine and a half inch pole."
Guy : " Why?"
Other Guy : " Dude, she's got Pandora's Box."
Guy : "Oh sick! Someone get hazmat."
by nasty pete March 04, 2013
a shit stirring person who works in a pub and who tells lies about people to get them barred , but in the process looses lots of punters and the place goes to ruin , they put themself out of a job , and also loose their friend and employer his life savings and drive him into deep deepresion .
trouble maker, who shoots themself in the foot. like pressing the button for nuclear war , something once open will blow up in your face that is the meaning of pandoras box .
by locks heath renegade master October 24, 2010
an extremly powerful spell in final fantasy VII that inflicts mass damage to all enemies.
When you cast pandora's box things get pwned.
by some guy December 15, 2004
When someone starts shit. They open it!
Dude, just opened Pandora's box!
by Kur Milf December 09, 2003
Refers to a slutty girls vagina; is typically used when one sleeps with a slut and "opens" pandora's box.
Damn, Marcel, you slept with her? You just opened pandora's box!
by Twotone867 March 05, 2009
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