Loud noises, crazyness, or some fucked up loud crazy person. Or our band pandemonium necropheliac!
The band was Pandemonium as the fuckers in the crowed were too.
by Alexis Nattifaly August 12, 2004
A Melodic Death/Doom Metal band from Lund, Sweden. They combine the aggressive yet melodic aspects of melo-death(such as the bands In Flames or Dark Tranquility) with some occasional sad tones reminiscent of Doom metal(like Katatonia, Green Carnation, Candlemass, etc.).
"The Hollow Grounds" is a beutiful song you must hear.
Pandemonium is an obscure and extremely talented band.
by Soeru August 11, 2004
Pandemonium makes me l337, ah crap here comes dad again, I hope he doesn't want to touch my special place.
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
a game invented in Piedmont, CA by the class of 2010, where a group of people camps out in a stranger's backyard until the family confronts you then you yell "PANDEMONIUM!" and scatter like rodents. Unless the family is visible in the window, in which case you bang on the window yelling and screaming "PANDEMONIUM!"
pandemonium is a fuckin exilarating game! (better when drunk)
by anonymous949 September 17, 2007
A bunch of pimple faced ghey boi teens that think pwning in a video game actually means something.
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
When 10 year old girls scream their fucking heads off because the gay ass girly Jonas Brothers get on stage.
Why the fuck is ther so much pandemonium?
Because those stupid Jonas Brothers got on stage
by Jonas Brothers suck balls 57 February 03, 2009
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