A vagina, opening to the uterus
Damn girl, you've got one tight pancake!
by Azach March 28, 2008
Something is like pancakes when it is all exciting at first, but by the end your fuckin sick of em.
Man the movie was like pancakes- Pancakes originally a joke by the late great Mitch Hedberg
by kadoogan September 12, 2005
a beautiful girl with extermly flat breasts ... they are so flat that the go inwards. That is sad.
Look at thse pancakes!
by scientist of houses June 22, 2011
Just having any kind of sex. Oral doesn't count. Making pancakes; as if beating the batter, messy, and it pays of in the end when the special whip cream is added.
I so had pancakes last night, hope I make sum tomorrow.
by everlongwhore9 August 22, 2009
when a girl has a flat ass
Darryn: Cj look-a-dat bitch righ der, she aint got no ass
Cj: hell yee, she got pancakes
by Shmeckledwarf April 27, 2008
A pancake or a turtle is a term used in football when you absolutely wreck the other person and put them flat on there back!
Kaskel and Link get soo manyy pancakes for the Hendricken Hawks
by Matt Kaskel November 24, 2007
A very attractive male , usually latino or a pancake colored skin tone, The other qualities of being a pancake are , abs , tall, great hair and this person usually uses these as an advatage and is often a player. But can handle a long relationship as long as he gets to flirt with other girls

Also can be used as a nick name for the person.
wow! maria did you see jacob , hes such a pancake

" hey pancakes"
by funs!ze August 09, 2009

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