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A person who avoids spending time with others due to personal beliefs or professions.
1: I heard she's a pancake, we don't see her around here very often.
2: Must be because she works from home.
by yhctiw November 18, 2011
The very light and fluffy farts one experiences after being up all night on acid. They are like little pillows from heaven, and the softest farts you will ever experience.
-Dude, I have serious pancakes going on right now.

-Mmmm, Pancakes sound good. Let's go to IHOP.
by pizzle February 11, 2011
An artistic form of bomb kicked by a player in a game of rugby or league. When executed precisely it becomes impossible to defuse. Named after the infamous Ken 'Pancake' Hau, modern architect and inventor of the dredded 'Blueberry pancake'.
did you see that fly pancake that guy put up in the game today?
by 2nd gear youngy February 06, 2011
Flat and doughy. A person with no shape or personality. Incompetent.
Stop playing video games and get a f***ing life, pancake!
by Mahoney1 February 03, 2011
a girl with a flat booty
that girl only has a pancake.
by jay luva February 27, 2008
to drop a large beer shit/crap
"Where's Toby, he's in the bathroom making pancakes."
by Power Pete January 23, 2008