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In football, a type of block in which a player hits another player with enough force to knock him down, with the blocked player usually landing flat on his back.
The right guard totally pancaked that blitzing linebacker.
by apost8 November 22, 2003
152 146
Female breasts pressed against glass.
Eager to show the neighbor's her kink, Linda heaved herself against the living room window, inviting local man-syrup to be poured on her pancakes.
by Smithers-Holmes February 19, 2004
594 317
A food that is in a round shape and can normally be eaten for breakfast or as a desert,served with either sugar,lemon,syrup
Billy:Mum can i have some pancakes for breakfast please.
Mum:Sure,would you like it with sugar or syrup.
by khadiebbs February 04, 2008
313 153
A pancake is a mix of flour, eggs, canola oil, and milk. These ingredients are beat together in a bowl. When there is no longer lumps in the mix, the mix is put on a griddle to be cooked. A pancake is usually served with syrup, but fruits are added to the mix sometimes to be cooked inside the pancakes.
oh, these pancakes r the shit. everytime i have 'em, they make me superhorny. i swear they crush up viagra and put it in the mix.
by bobyjoel August 23, 2006
385 241
when a chick sits on your face
Hey Jim i heard you got a nice pancake from Beth this weekend you sick fuck.
by murphyboooooboooooo April 18, 2008
264 176
1. A gay male.
2. A homosexual.
3. An efiminite straight man.
"Joe can't possibly like Cindy. He's a freakin' pancake."
by TheyCallMyNamesBrian September 26, 2006
403 326
Crack. Coming from an episode of "Family Guy".
You got any pancakes left?
by Bob1234567890 June 01, 2005
236 166
Is another word for the meaning of to have sex or mostly any sexual act.
Lets make pancakes!:D

i like to eat pancakes.

my girlfriend is showing me how to make pancakes!:D
by Firefurypryo February 27, 2010
125 65