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Her tits look like 2 flaps of skin hanging off the body, with no density. When she bends over, they look flat, like a pancake, when seen from the side view.
That stripper bent over to pick up the dollar; she had the nastiest pancake titties I have ever seen!
by crypto-jypto July 24, 2003
Breasts that are so fuckin flabby and droopy that they look like pancakes.
Dseeamn you'll need to add some butter and syrup to lick that stupid cunt's nasty ass pancake titties!
by yo March 11, 2003
A girl with really flat titties, usually, some girl who's otherwise over 200 pounds, inexplicably, just flat, nasty tits.
I called that dateline, and a chick with pancake titties showed up!
by Chunkalunk December 26, 2004
When womans breasts lose all firmness and start sagging. The nipples point straight down and the breast is flat resembleling a pancake with a raisen at the bottom.
That chick should be wearing a bra, her pancake titties make me want to puke.
by Scooby May 31, 2003
(Noun) Metaphor for "Titties that look so good you want to spread your syrup all over them"
Generally used by men.
Tits that you just enjoy looking at.
"Man, that woman has a pair of Pancake Titties. Yummm"
by Todd Hathaway March 12, 2008
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