when a girl puts to much makeup on her face, that is not the color of her real skin, makes an outline and thinks it looks fine.
Did you see her pancake face it looked like the pancake i had for breakfast this morning.
by al =) January 18, 2007
Top Definition
Woman or gay man who wears too much make up. Looks as if you could write your name on ther face.
Jesus, I can only imagine what pancake face looks like in the morning when the layers have worn off...
by Bud E Love May 02, 2003
having a flat face like a pancake.

also known as "2d face".
"jasiel garza has a pancake face"
by yours tru-lie tha saint October 19, 2007
asian person
his face is so flat, he has a pancake face, he must be chinese
by tutbo baggins September 07, 2012
The act of placing one's ass cheeks against another's face and jumping back with full force, flattening the individual's face
Dude I pancake faced the shit out of this girl last night. There was blood and shit everywhere. I'm not proud...
by Hee Nis April 05, 2010
The face one makes when confused/annoyed. A signal to similar minded friends to silently make fun of a situation.
Those whiskey kids from the block always pancake face whenever I try to tell them about my dub beats. I wonder why?
by souris_chatte August 25, 2010
A retarded-looking pancake thing with floppy arms, giant eyes, disgustingly flabby legs, and huge genatalia. Also, Pancake Faces love yelling "Not so fast!" to random people, and then when they slow down, saying "That's better!" Just like in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1! Pancake Faces come in many different shapes and forms, ranging from Faggot Pancake Face to Wayne Gretzky Pancake Face to Tabb Pancake Face.
I was walking through the ancient world of Pancakeville one day and there were so many different types on Pancake Faces everywhere! There Was Faggot, Dumbass, Super Surgeon Monkey, and even Jell-O Tabb Trash Pancake Faces! It was amazing. Oh. Yeah, they all had huge genatalia. CAN'T FORGET THE GENATALIA. Pancake Face also made a guest appearance in "Albert The Fat Math Guy."
by John DoeNumberfour April 10, 2008
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