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2 definitions by Stringy

1. Commonly associated with a 2002 Impreza WRX and its integration with wooden houses and fences.

2. The delivery into public domain of unquestionable lies and ignorance to avert imprisonment and hefty fines.

3. Modern expression used as a means of describing asshattery.
1. Panache: I went through a house today

2. Panache: *snip* 80mph *snip* gas stook *snip* more lies

3.1 Panache is such an asshat

3.2 My god, you're such a Panache...
by Stringy November 13, 2004
A general term for a man (or woman) resembling Rob Brydon from Marion and Geoff.

Resigned to a life of solitude on the internet, Dobs can be found frequenting internet chat rooms and online games passing himself off as Rob Brydon.
Hey kiddies, I'm Rob Brydon!
Piss off Dobs, we know it's you!
by Stringy January 10, 2004