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Round,scruffy nuts found on Italian men in their mutande.
My sweet, you have nice furry palle!
by Castagna August 09, 2003
When a guy rub his balls against a tree.
Dude, dont use that tree to palle
#balls #palle #tree #rub #pelle
by Benzin Franklinz February 28, 2014
Literally used to describe parts of male organs balls. Slur word in italian language.
1) palle = can also mean a small ball kids play with
2) ce palle = means this really sucks
3) rompi-palle = someone which breaks your balls (is extremely annoying)
4) pinko-palle = a less offensive form of fuck
5) The car died on me again, palle.
#balls #ballbreaker #fuck #palle #sucks #rompi-palle
by TomJones May 16, 2007
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