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Round,scruffy nuts found on Italian men in their mutande.
My sweet, you have nice furry palle!
by Castagna August 09, 2003
Located in Queens, NY, where da italians hang out on Francis Lewis Blvd,looking for the high-maintenance chics...
"I won't live there, it is a DUMP" I'm going back to Austria where my step-bro and the Burgermeister watches me do da wild thang in the closet!
by Castagna August 09, 2003
A loser from Norwalk who wears nothing but an ugly, greasy, BLUE mechanics uniform.
Fast Freddy, in his 5 day old stinky blue uniform, and his gilfriend Donna Knee Paads, get it on in a rundown unregistered car, thats is illegally parked in his tenants driveway!!!!!!
by Castagna August 09, 2003

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