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Ospreylia is term coined for the Neath & Swansea area in Wales, UK. The name is derived from the local Rugby Union team, the Neath-Swansea Ospreys.
Ospreylia went mental when they beat Austraila 24 - 16 :-D
by TomJones May 18, 2007
Shorthand for very unqualified persion; the oposite of a VIP. Correctly pronounced as W-U-P. VUP's are people who cause snafu's. VUP's can be summarized as stupid or idiot's; not meant as a slur but rather as a fact.
1) No wonder the computer is still broken, a VUP serviced it.
2) My boss is a VUP; he is a VUP.
3) The VUP connected the generator while it was running.
by TomJones May 16, 2007
Literally used to describe parts of male organs balls. Slur word in italian language.
1) palle = can also mean a small ball kids play with
2) ce palle = means this really sucks
3) rompi-palle = someone which breaks your balls (is extremely annoying)
4) pinko-palle = a less offensive form of fuck
5) The car died on me again, palle.
by TomJones May 16, 2007

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