To designate a target to employ a homing weapon against, usually by laser or radar.
The Special Forces trooper painted the target for the Warthog driver to hit.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
To shag or have sex with.
I want to paint the Beatles.
by Nancy Shears August 14, 2008
n. 1. the endzone of a football field
2. any noteworthy acheivement
Say mane, I fi'inna draft Ced Benson cuz that dude can bust paint like a mug.
by BradON August 31, 2005
Really cool in a fun, unadulterated, PG-13 way.

see cool

I like EA Sport's NHL 07. It is really paint.
by hontooo October 22, 2006
to paint: (verb) to be offensive.
Vik: suck my dick
Nicole: Don't paint! But OK.
by John Hennessy February 02, 2004

Also known as Mary Jane, Chronic, Fire, Reefer, Cheeba, Green, Dirt, Skunk, Smoke, Bud, Herb, Smokey Treat...
I got to go hit up Mr. Green Jeans and grab another couple gallons of paint.
by b miller September 29, 2006
In Barbados, paint jus means to have sex
Yeah, she gon get paint tonite
by Iilly January 24, 2005

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