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To be boring, like to watch paint dry.
Andy: Do you fancy going out this weekend?
Doug: No, I can't be bothered.
Andy: You are paint pal!
by mypalsmith June 22, 2009
The residue from eating junk food which can stain the hands or clothing causing a paint-like appearance on these surfaces.
Jeffrey states after a round of Cheetoes, "Hey, what are you playing, Counter-Strike?"
George replies, "Yeah, and don't touch me, you got paint all over your finger tips."
by iLL iZZY April 06, 2008
(basketball)3 SECOND AREA
You can not spend more than 3 seconds at a time in the paint, or the other team gets the ball.
by cevirgec May 24, 2005
What u use to paint stuff
that house has an ass ugly color
by loco asshole February 17, 2005
the best breed of horse
My paint horse is well trained
by Paint January 08, 2005
Paint is a synonym of cool
Paint shoes you got there mate.
by Ezrom Is A Cool Guy August 29, 2009
To designate a target to employ a homing weapon against, usually by laser or radar.
The Special Forces trooper painted the target for the Warthog driver to hit.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003