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what is on when youve accidently fallen asleep in front of the tv, or when your too lazy to turn off the tv because your on the internet.
also known as infomercials
john: agh tv woke me up in the middle of the night, paid programming was on
bill: hm interesting.. you know insomniacs use to watch paid programming before the internet was born.

matt: omg i seriously had the craziest dream last night
zack: yea what happened
matt: billy mays was convincing me to buy OxiClean
by jeny April 06, 2008
Television programing that consists of companies promoting their products. Usually shown early morning/late at night/whenever you are desperate for something to watch.

Usually the products advertised are worthless pieces of crap being sold for 'the low, low price of 12 payments of 43.32!!'.
Actually good programming. (When your wasted)
by Freak Obscene May 04, 2004
A show late at night or early in the morning that is on about 1,000,000 channels to cheap to buy late programming showing products costing from $2,000 to <Insert Bill Gates Networth here> that YOUR TAXES put on.
<On Tv>
And you can buy the "Busted Garden Tool" for only 10 payments of 299.99! Call in the next 10 minutes and receive a FREE broken shovel!

<Real life>
I hate paid programming
by SanjiSasuke May 09, 2008
Euphemism for the mindless infomercials or infotainment that you see on TV in the wee hours of the morning on many cable channels. Often consists of BS about products you wouldn't even THINK of buying.
If you wake up at 6 AM and you want to watch some good film on cable TV, forget it: you'll only see that damn paid programming.
by pentozali August 29, 2007
when a politician makes a speech on television---it's paid programming, and you paid for it.
The State of The Union speech is a perfect example of paid programming.
by archimedest September 11, 2006
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