Portuguese for 'father'.
O pai, começa-me uma soda.
by Hellish November 13, 2004
Top Definition
the cutest thing in the world
"You are such a pai"
"No u! :D"
by maggai March 09, 2008
The evil, most despicable thing in the universe. Whenever you see the Pai you must yell: "WAT DA FAQ," "FAK YU PAI," and "GTFO NEWBI PAI >:L"
Arch-nemesis of DuhPinuhtBuhduhr and is currently trying to take over the universe.
<Pai> hai
<guy1> NU
<guy1> FAK YU PAI
<guy1> >:L
<Pai> </3
by Haieferiwan July 19, 2013
Ladies man - smooth and chilling
Every lady wants a piece of the Pai
by joester August 06, 2004
Another spelling of the word 'Pie'
omg t3h pai
by Kuroneko August 09, 2003
A person is often referred to as "Pai" when they are being stupid, or when they ask an obvious question.

Derived from MCPVP's Legend Of Pai.
Noob: Guys, what does the X button do?
Troll: Pai
Troll 2: Pai
Noob: You guys are Pai....
by Avalon Kensig October 18, 2013
anal sex.

Penis-Anus Intercourse
Boy that pornstar sure likes the PAI
by Jeff Jism July 06, 2005
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