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1. To throw-up.
2. The Actual vomit.
3. Usually the person then passes out, either in a bed or laying in their own spew.
4. a: To decide you arent keen to do something.
b: Or go home when everyone else is doing fun shit.
c: To go to sleep.
1. "I'm fucked. I'm gunna pag soon......Damn, I just pagged chronicly."
2. "I kneeled down to help him and got pag all over my fresh new threads."
3. "Tom pagged and passed out in the bathroom for the whole night." - Tom is a 'pagger'.
4. a: "I think I'm gunna pag. I dont want to go out anymore."
b: "Where's Tom?"
"He's pagged on us."
c: "I'm gunna pag soon. Ya's better leave."
by Diego August 26, 2003
When somebody has huge balls and a tiny dick
Chip has a pag.
by Chip2234 May 18, 2009
PAG = Passive Aggressive Girlness. A female's capabilty of holding a grudge for extended periods of time for sole purpose of annoying her lover far past time she is actually hurt. Usually characterized by holding out on sex, random pouts and whines, refusing public displays of affection, and all around "coldshoulderness"
ADJ- "Dude, my parents were out of town and all she would do is watch movies... What a PAG move"

VERB-"Wow, she was paggin' for like three weeks, all I did was bang her best friend."
by carolrocksyoursocks April 17, 2010
Nickname taken from part of a last name of 4 very close peeps. Pags' are the coolest of all people. They enjoy sports, and gettin down and dirty. Their family is rather wealthy, therefore people may call them "snobbs".
Other people refer to those 4 people by the nickname "Pags". They all like it and are known by this name. Pags' are the hottest people ever and coolest.
"Dude i did pags the other night and god was it good."
"Pags is really hott."
"Hey there Pags"
OTHER NICKNAMES FOR PAGS- Paggy, Paggs, Pagssss, PagBoys, PagsGirl, Paggy Mc Pag Pag
by Nicole Pags April 17, 2008
Acronym for "Performing Arts Group"
They're not my friends; just members of my PAG.

No one outside of the band PAG hangs out with Rick.
by Jim Smitts July 17, 2016
"Pretty Asian Girl"
a soft sweet tight pink moist asian girl
usually associated with :
small eyes
tight pussy
pink pussy
sweet pussy
cute accent
high pitchy voice
high ptchy moans
moist pussy
"what would the world be without p-a-gs..."
by mofaux October 26, 2008
pulling a george-when you do something stupid, clumsy, idiotic or dumb which makes everyone laugh and the PAGee embarrassed.
George is walking in the library and his drink spills out of his cup...PAG
by do the john wall November 03, 2010
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