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I used to live just outside Cleethorpes, and some wise-ass broke and re-arranged the letters on one of those old wooden direction/mileage signs from CLEETHORPES to CLITHERPES. Just thought I'd share that with you.
1970s holiday-makers' advert: "Come to Cleethorpes - it's better than fucking Spain!" Clearly aimed at ignorant Yorkies.
by Donkey Kong September 14, 2004
Amazing seaside resort in North East Lincolnshire, England. Yorkies fuckin love the place and think it's heaven.
I had one tart sat on me face and another bouncing on me dick, I felt like I was in Cleethorpes!!!
by bazevans September 20, 2011
another coastal town of england which is right next to fuckin GY
oh god not fuckin cleethorpes again mum
by ED WINCHESTER May 14, 2003
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