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to fight
i'm going to pagger you.

you'll get paggered.

Close to Italian verb for 'to pay'

by anonymous October 01, 2003
92 9
Ugly or unattractive in any physical sense. Not just ugly, though-- EXCEPTIONALLY ugly.
Did you see her face? Damn, she's pagger!
by t. danger July 12, 2009
17 16
a level in super smash bros. brawl which sucks. however, it is the only map viable for tournaments.
Howly shit Dis Pagger is a tournament map, beaner.
by Warrior of the North April 25, 2008
7 20
To fuck someone particularly roughly and energetically
Man:Im gona pagger you till u scream and cum like the dirty bitch you are
Dirty Bitch: Oh give it to me baby
Man: uh huh, uh huh
by staceofwashington May 31, 2005
33 46
i) To shag somebody with great enthusiasm.
ii) To be tired after shagging someone enthusiastically
Oohh she's up for a good paggering

Hey love, fancy a pagger

That was great, i'm well paggered now
by paggered February 05, 2009
6 22
hurts like fuck
my leg paggers
by richard July 28, 2003
18 34